Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

Summers in South Florida offer endless enjoyment for those having come here to begin their journey in sobriety. While outdoor activities are the primary source of recreation for most people, there are some precautions you should take before spending a day under the hot Florida sun. For those unaccustomed to the intense heat and humidity, you can be easily overwhelmed and suffer from heat stroke, a life threatening condition. Here are some tips to stay cool while enjoying all that a South Florida summer has to offer.

Dehydration is a major concern when you are out in the heat and direct sunlight for any significant period of time. It may surprise you to learn that the body can experience dehydration after as little as 30 minutes of time out in the heat and sun. You should always carry plenty of water with you and hydrate yourself regularly. As a person new in sobriety, your body is still undergoing significant adjustment and healing now that it is not being poisoned with your substance of choice. You are therefore at even greater risk for dehydration as your internal systems are not operating at peak performance. Be extra mindful of your water intake while enjoying the outdoors, and avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages as these are not hydrating.

Sun poisoning is another risk here in South Florida, as the intensity of the sun’s rays is greater here than in the northern part of the country. While you may have gotten away with avoiding the use of sunscreen in the summer at home, it should definitely be a part of preparation for a day in the sun now that you are a Florida resident. In our active addiction we often isolate indoors, away from our friends and family who would ask uncomfortable questions about our substance abuse. This means your skin has grown accustomed to the lack of ultraviolet rays and will likely be especially sensitive to their effects. This is an even more compelling reason for you to thoroughly and liberally apply sunscreen before you spend any significant amount of time in the sun, and reapply regularly throughout the day.

Summers in South Florida can be a double edged sword. On the one hand, the gorgeous weather and plethora of summer activities are a great way to enjoy your new life in sobriety. On the other, there are risks associated with the extreme heat and intense UV rays of the sun in this climate.. There are precautions you should take in order to safely enjoy all the outdoor activities available to you in South Florida. As long as you protect yourself from the harmful effects of the heat and sun’s rays, you are free to enjoy all that a South Florida summer has to offer!


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