Step Six: Acting on the Information from Steps Four and Five

“Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.” Now that you have accounted for and owned up to your past sins, it is time to do something positive with that information so you can grow in your recovery. Most recovering addicts and alcoholics see a pattern of behavior emerge upon examining their fourth step. We tend to repeat the same bad behaviors, favoring specific character defects within ourselves which were comforting to us. Now that you are working through the steps and living in sobriety, it is time to let go of these defects of character and accept they have no place in your life today.

When we are in active addiction, our character defects often prove to be useful tools to further our substance abuse and desire for instant gratification. Our reliance on defects such as dishonesty, laziness, or codependency leads us to romanticize these behaviors and thought patterns, and we protect them as much as we protect our substance abuse itself. Having set aside your substance of choice and committed to getting sober, it is now time to address any lingering attachments you have to the character defects which served to enable your addiction. These negative characteristics serve no purpose for a person in sobriety, but as the saying goes “old habits die hard.”

We must maintain our willingness as we work the sixth step, as the bond we have formed with our character defects often distorts our perspective when it comes to their true nature. Having been confronted by the sins of your past in steps four and five, you should find it difficult to continue defending these defects of character as having a positive impact on your life. When faced with their true nature, you will hopefully find it easier to let go of these old patterns of thought and behavior. If this is still a struggle for you, pray to your higher power for willingness and take some time to meditate on this important step.

Once we have established the true nature of our defects through steps four and five, it is time to let go of these negative characteristics so we can continue to move forward in our recovery. This can be a difficult process to complete, but as the saying goes in the rooms of recovery “progress, not perfection.” As long as you strive to maintain a willingness to let your higher power remove these defects of character from your life every day, you will have thoroughly worked your sixth step and can continue working with your sponsor on your journey through the 12 steps of recovery.

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