Step Ten: Maintaining a Clean Conscience

“Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.” The tenth step is designed to help us avoid the pitfalls which led to our guilt, shame, and resentments we’ve just resolved through our dliigent stepwork. Rather than allow these negative thoughts and feelings to build up within us again, the tenth step instructs us to complete a daily personal inventory, acting quickly and decisively to correct any misdeeds or resentments we form before they take hold in our minds.

The tenth step is one we practice on a daily basis for the rest of our lives in recovery. You need not practice it perfectly each day, but you should set aside time in the evening to reflect on the events of the day and any resentments or feelings of guilt you may be experiencing as a result of your actions. It can be beneficial for you to keep a daily tenth step journal, as the act of writing often allows our stream of consciousness to flow more freely, uncovering emotions and resentments which were not readily apparent.

Just as important as identifying these resentments or transgressions is the corrective actions we take in light of this knowledge. It is important to avoid any delays when addressing any misdeeds you have performed in your daily life, as allowing them to go unresolved will only lead to negative emotions, decreased self-esteem, and ultimately a greater risk of relapse. You should set aside a time in the morning to conduct any amends or conversations you need to have with others in response to the previous evening’s daily inventory so you can unburden yourself and greet the day with a clear conscience.

The tenth step instructs us to maintain our clear conscience through a daily personal inventory and accompanying amends, rather than allow negative thoughts and feelings to grow inside us as we did in active addiction. It is important you spend time working a tenth step each day to the best of your abilities. The more time you spend in sobriety, the easier your daily tenth step inventory will become as your character defects are removed by your higher power. As one of the AA mantras says “We are not saints”, but we do our best to admit our errors and correct them as the tenth step instructs so we can continue to grow in our recovery and maintain our sobriety.

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