Step Twelve: Help Others as You’ve Been Helped

“Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” The twelfth step is what has allowed the programs of AA and NA to flourish throughout the world, providing a message of recovery to those who need it while asking for nothing in return. It instructs us to proceed in life guided by the principles set forth in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, and to help those people we encounter who are seeking sobriety.

As recovered alcoholics and addicts, we are living examples of the message of AA, beacons of hope for those still suffering at the hands of addiction. One common saying heard in the rooms of recovery is “We keep what we have only by giving it away.” This refers to the importance of the twelfth step, as our reaching out to help those through the steps just as your sponsor has done for you cements us in our sobriety. Helping another alcoholic through the 12 steps benefits you just as much as it will benefit them, offering you a stark reminder of the pain addiction brings to the lives of addicts as well as renewed perspective each of the steps as you visit them with your sponsee.

The twelfth step is another lifetime step, as we never stop reaching out to help others in the program of AA. We also strive to live by the principles we have learned through stepwork with our sponsor, principles like honesty, openmindedness, willingness, and humility. Progress rather than perfection applies here as well - no one is capable of perfect adherence to these principles, as all human beings are inherently flawed. Instead of aiming for perfection only to fall short, we instead seek to be better people today than we were yesterday, constantly improving ourselves as we continue our journey in recovery.

The twelfth step is a beautiful keystone for our recovery programs, bringing us full circle in the rooms of recovery so that we are now the helping hand rather than the struggling addict reaching out for aid. This final step of the program of AA is another we practice for the rest of our lives in recovery, as we are never done growing and learning in sobriety. Now that you have worked through the 12 steps of AA, you should feel excited and grateful for the opportunity to guide another sick and suffering alcoholic through the process, perpetuating the spirit and message of AA in the world around you so that all those suffering from addiction will have an opportunity to recover!

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