Steps to take when Quitting Drinking

Admitting to yourself you have a problem with alcohol is not easy, and you should give yourself credit for accepting the reality of your situation rather than continuing to labor under the delusion that alcohol is not the problem, it is everything else. Now that you have admitted you are an alcoholic, there are important steps you need to take in order to address and treat this illness so you may restore your mental clarity and rational decision making skills. Let’s review the actions you should take in order to maximize your chance of achieving lasting sobriety.

If possible, your best option for addressing your substance abuse disorder is through admittance to a residential treatment center. Here you will have access to a therapeudic community of other individuals who are seeking sobriety, participating in group and individual counseling sessions. At Evolutions, we believe in a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment, and we have therefore incorporated additional health and wellness therapies into our treatment program. Whichever treatment center you decide to attend, you should make sure their therapies and methods address your specific disease and recovery needs.

Another important step to take when quitting drinking is eliminating those negative influences in your life. These may come in the form of people, places, or activities which you strongly associate with drinking. It may be difficult to distance yourself from old friends and drinking buddies, but it is important you follow through with this step lest you be tempted to return to alcohol. Explain to those whom you must separate yourself from that you need to take time to work on yourself and stabilize in your sobriety, and that if they would get sober themselves you would be happy to resume interactions with them. If they truly care for you, they will understand and respect your wishes. If not, they were obviously more a drinking buddy than a real friend and are not a good fit for your new life in recovery.

Quitting drinking is a process which requires a great deal of effort and commitment. Recovery is a lifelong journey, and as you begin to embark on this journey there are important steps you should take in order to properly address your substance abuse disorder and minimize your risk of relapse in this critical early stage. Your best course of action is to seek admission to a substance abuse treatment center in order to receive care and counseling for your disease. At Evolutions, our Admissions Counselors are standing by around the clock in order to answer any questions you have about the process as well as assist you in the admissions and insurance verification process. Call now at 833-818-3031 and give yourself a chance at a life in recovery!