Strengthening your Connection with your Higher Power

Relationships require regular maintenance in order to remain healthy and strong, and this applies as much to your relationship with your higher power as it does to any other relationship in your life. As you go through your life in recovery, you will find the connection you feel to a God of your understanding will ebb and flow, depending on your spiritual fitness and presence of mind at any given moment. Here lies the key to improving and strengthening the relationship between you and your God - exercising your spiritual fitness and living fully in the present. How can we accomplish these goals in order to grow closer to our higher power?

Our spiritual fitness is dependent on a variety of factors, but the main contribution we make to this facet of our God relationship is through prayer. By setting aside time in our day to sit quietly and communicate with our higher power, we are working out our spiritual muscles and expand the conduit by which we interact with a God of our understanding. One of the many wonderful things about prayer is that it has no specific time or setting requirements - if you find yourself feeling out of sorts during the course of your day, you can pause for a minute and pray in order to realign yourself and reconnect with your higher power. Doing this regularly will go a long way towards building the strength and resilience of your relationship with your God, which is critical if we are to overcome any challenges to our sobriety.

Living in the present moment is a big part of working a recovery program, and it is a key component of our relationship with God as well. Your higher power wants your focus to be in the here and now, not on your past or what you think the future holds. We exist in the present, and it is important for our minds to inhabit the present as well as our bodies in order for us to function at our highest level. Many of those in early sobriety struggle with this concept, as we are accustomed to stressing about the future or gazing upon our past with regret. When these thought processes kick in, you should busy yourself with an act of service to your community and the AA program. This will get you out of your head and back into the present moment, while also building your self esteem as you see the contributions you are able to make in the lives of those around you. Service work is an excellent way to return to the present from the past or future, getting out of your head and back here to earth.

Our relationship with our higher power should always be growing and evolving, just as we grow and evolve in life and in our recovery. Everyone goes through periods of struggle and stagnation when it comes to their connection to a God of their understanding, but the important thing to remember is God is always there for us, we need only seek him out. By increasing your efforts in prayer and living in the present, you will strengthen your bond with your higher power and as a result will feel peaceful and confident as you go about your life, safe in the knowledge that your God is with you and guiding you in all things!