Striking a Balance in your Life in Recovery

One characteristic of every active substance abuser’s existence is a complete lack of balance in their daily lives. All of our focus and energy in active addiction is geared towards the acquiring and using of our substance of choice. Now that we are living in recovery, it is important to find and maintain a healthy balance in all areas of our lives, as our tendency to obsess over one particular facet of our existence will only allow our addiction to worm its way back into our minds, putting us at risk for relapse. How can you effectively establish and maintain balance in your new life in recovery?

It is helpful to have a written weekly agenda in early recovery, as having your schedule laid out before you makes it much easier to ensure you have included a variety of activities. Technology even allows for you to quickly formulate this schedule right on your cell phone, complete with reminders about any meetings or events you wish to attend throughout the week. A schedule is only as good as our adherence to it, so it is important you maintain willingness and integrity in order to follow through on your plan of action for each week. You should review your schedule on a regular basis as well, eliminating any activities which are no longer fulfilling and replacing them with something new.

Many of us in early recovery struggle to discern what is best for us in terms of actions and decisions. This can make establishing and maintaining balance in your daily life difficult, as uncertainty can lead to inaction which prevents our growth and development in sobriety. To avoid this lack of action, which is itself an imbalance, you should rely on prayer as well as your community of sober supports for guidance. You can learn from mistakes they made in early recovery without having to experience the pain they went through to acquire the wisdom, so you should absolutely consult with your sponsor and sober supports regarding your daily and weekly schedule which you’ve formulated. Be receptive of any pointers they offer to you, as their judgement is rooted in more recovery experience than yours. Above all, pay attention to any feelings you get as a result of communicating with your higher power - He always knows what is best for you!

Recovery is a lifelong process, and so too is finding that perfect balance in your life which provides you peace and contentment. In early sobriety it is important to establish and maintain balance in our lives to the best of our abilities. If you allow yourself to become completely focused on one area of your life, even if that area is your AA program itself, your growth in sobriety will be stifled and you will be left feeling disappointed, dissatisfied, and prone to relapse. With the help of your higher power and those who have come before you in sobriety, you can establish and maintain a healthy balance in your life which will enable you to achieve lasting recovery from your addiction!