Substance Abuse and Prostitution - A Deadly Combination

Our addiction can lead us to commit acts which we would never dream of perpetrating when we are in sobriety. One such behavior commonly taken up by those in active addiction is participation in the sex trade as a means to support one’s habit. The stigma associated with prostitution in today’s society is often a barrier between those sex workers and much needed treatment for their addiction and the resulting destructive behavior. This societal characterization of sex workers as shameful and unworthy of help is itself shameful as well as grossly misinformed. Those participating in the sex trade are in dire need of the assistance provided by substance abuse treatment centers as they are trapped in a vicious cycle which needs to be broken.

A daily substance abuse habit is expensive to maintain. Combine this with a diminished ability to function at work, and the average addict quickly finds themselves in need of an easy source of cash. Some turn to theft, accepting the high risk of incarceration or death which accompanies this decision. Others opt to sell their bodies, as they see this as an easier option with less risk involved. Unfortunately, the notion that sex work is relatively low-risk is far from reality as prostitutes are frequently the victims of robbery, assault, and rape. These tragedies could befall you at any time while you are engaging in sex for money, just one compelling reason you should seek to end this destructive lifestyle and seek help for your addiction.

Once you find yourself prostituting yourself in support of your drug or alcohol habit, these two behaviors exacerbate each other leading you to quickly spiral out of control. The guilt and shame you feel as a result of your promiscuous behavior causes you to seek comfort in your substance of choice, and once you’ve run out of drugs or alcohol you return to the streets or dark corners of the internet in order to earn money for more. As you can see, these two behaviors dovetail perfectly into a circle of destruction from which you will require professional help to escape.

The choices we make in active addiction are made exclusively to serve our continued substance abuse, with reckless disregard for our well-being and safety. One common destructive choice made by addicts is to enter the sex trade in order to support their habit. This decision, while understandable when considering your circumstances, can make it even more difficult for you to achieve sobriety and certainly necessitates some additional specialized treatment. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our substance abuse treatment programs are custom tailored to our client’s specific situation. Our seasoned clinicians are well-versed in the care and treatment of sex workers seeking recovery, and we will provide all the medical and psychological care necessary to ensure you are equipped to achieve lasting sobriety. If you are ready to end the cycle of addiction you find yourself in, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031.


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