Substance abuse in the LGBTQ+ Community - An Ongoing Problem

It is a sad part of our reality that discrimination and hatred against the LGBTQ+ community is still prevalent in our society. This societal rejection adds a great deal of anxiety to the lives of LGBTQ+ individuals, reinforcing the idea they are somehow less than and leading to feelings of self-loathing. All of this is a perfect recipe for substance abuse, as these individuals seek to escape feelings of inadequacy and anxiety through intoxication. For those struggling to come to terms with their sexuality, what are some things you can do to improve your state of mind without turning to addiction?

You should always remember you are not alone, as there is a huge community of LGBTQ+ individuals ready to welcome and support you the moment you are ready. While you may not be ready to live openly in your sexuality or gender identity, you can still avail yourself of the love and support of the LGBTQ+ community. There are message boards, chat rooms, and private social media groups available to you via the internet, so you may interact with like-minded individuals who have gone through the struggle you are facing and can provide support and advice as you navigate any difficult situations arising due to your identity. This support is even more critical if you find yourself already dabbling in substance use and abuse.

Another positive step you can take to improve your self-esteem is the recitation of daily affirmations. You can do this in the morning, in the evening, or whenever you are feeling down on yourself or overly anxious. Write down a dozen or so positive affirmations you can keep with you throughout the day. Examples of some which may be of particular benefit to you are phrases like “I am worthy of love”, “My sexual identity is valid”, and “I am a good person deserving of respect”. Any time you are feeling negatively about yourself, pull out your list of positive affirmations and speak them aloud with conviction. You will be surprised how this simple practice can turn your mindset around, restoring positivity and serenity so you may continue on in your day successfully!

An alarming number of LGBTQ+ individuals report having used hard drugs at a young age, often as a means to alleviate social anxiety or escape feelings of self-loathing brought on by their sexual identity. This demographic is at a particularly high risk for developing substance abuse disorders, and in light of this reality those struggling with their sexual orientation/identity should take action in order to avoid this fate. For those still coming to terms with their true selves not ready to live openly in their sexuality, there are avenues available for you to receive understanding, support, and advice as you learn to love yourself for who you are. If you have already fallen into the trap of substance abuse to deal with your emotions, Evolutions Treatment Center is here to help. Our compassionate staff have years of experience treating those in the LGBTQ+ community struggling with addiction. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may give you the care and support you need to overcome these struggles and live a happy, healthy life!