Summer of Sobriety – A Great Time to Try new Activities!

There is nothing quite like summertime in sunny South Florida. For those who make there way here from across the United States as part of their recovery journey, you have an excellent opportunity to find new passions and hobbies now that drugs and alcohol are not your sole obsession. An important part of recovery is finding activities you enjoy that are healthy and positively contribute to your well-being. Now that your mind is cleared of those damaging substances and your physical health is on the mend, you should consider taking advantage of all the fun activities South Florida has to offer.

Swimming is a fantastic pastime for a whole host of reasons. In addition to the physical benefits afforded to those who swim regularly, the tranquility and serenity you feel when enjoying a dip in the pool or the ocean are fantastic for stress relief and mental health. Now that you are residing in a seaside locale, it would be an excellent idea to explore swimming as either a recreational activity, exercise, or a combination of the two. If you never learned to swim, there are plenty of recreation centers in the area which offer private or group swim lessons at reasonable prices.

There are plenty of indoor sober activities to enjoy in South Florida if you are looking to beat the heat. There are plenty of spacious indoor malls in the area, beautifully decorated and offering plenty of space to walk around and do some window shopping, maybe stopping to grab a bite to eat or a coffee. Movies are a great way to spend an afternoon as well, either alone or with a few new sober friends. These are just a few indoor activity options to explore now that you are sober and have regained the time and stability which allows for these activities in your life.

Now that you are living a life of recovery, you are afforded the opportunity to pursue new hobbies and interests in order to round out your life. Summers in South Florida are filled with possibilities for enjoyment and recreation, and many of these are available to those abstaining from alcohol or other substances. At Evolutions Treatment Center, our alumni program organizes many sober outings and activities for those interested in exploring new activities in their recovery. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and see if you would benefit from our outpatient treatment services to further your recovery and strengthen your support network!


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