Teenagers and Alcohol - A Dangerous Rite of Passage

It is a time-honored tradition in the United States that high school teenagers experiment with alcohol. These formative years are rife with peer pressure, academic stress, and conflict with parents as young adults begin finding their own way in the world and pushing the boundaries set forth by authority figures. Circumstances conspire and push teens towards alcohol, giving them a taste of mind-altering substances and potentially triggering addictive tendencies lurking in their psyche.

Alcohol is a powerful drug, acting as a depressant on our minds and bodies. Regular consumption of alcohol inhibits brain development, a side effect with potentially devastating consequences for teens whose brains are still growing and forming. For most high schoolers, their experience with alcohol is limited to weekend house parties and game day celebrations. However, there are those who quickly develop a taste for booze and fall into a pattern of more frequent drinking. For these teenagers, alcohol becomes a habit which preempts other forms of recreation, socialization, and development, irreparably damaging their minds and bodies.

As parents of a high school teenager, what actions can you take to mitigate the potential impact alcohol could have on your child? Most important is open and honest communication between you and your child. Have a conversation with them about the damaging effects alcohol can have on their minds and bodies, as well as the addictive nature of substances like alcohol. It is always difficult to strike a balance between maintaining discipline and structure in your child’s life while giving them room to discover themselves and grow into adulthood, but you should always make it clear you would rather receive a late night call from your child asking for a ride because they have been drinking than a call from law enforcement explaining your loved one has been in an accident. Let them know your response to a drunken call from them will be tempered and controlled, but there will be appropriate consequences.

Alcohol and high school have been bosom buddies for decades, as teens seek a means to escape the pressures placed on them by their studies, their parents, and society. While many students engage in a modest amount of drinking in their high school careers, there are those for whom alcohol becomes a regular habit, negatively impacting their studies and development during this late stage of adolescence. As a parent of a high schooler, you are undoubtedly worried about your child experimenting with alcohol. The best thing you can do to guard against alcohol becoming a problem for your child is to speak with them honestly and openly about the dangers of alcohol, establishing open communication so they will feel safe coming to you for aid rather than attempting to conceal their behavior. If you are concerned your child may be developing an addiction to alcohol, Evolutions Treatment Center is here to help. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us get your child back on track in their growth and development.


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