The Connection Between Addicts and Adderall

Upon reviewing various case studies of people who enter into drug rehab treatment, the connection between addicts and Adderall is impossible to ignore. Quite a number of people struggling with addictions are battling their use of Adderall.

A simple question has to be asked here: "Why?" Adderall is not exactly known as a street drug. Rather, Adderall is prescribed to treat legitimate problems with narcolepsy and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Still, Adderall use presents major struggles for those struggling with serious substance abuse problems.

Understanding what exactly Adderall is reveals why the prescription is harmful for addicts entering into a drug & alcohol treatment program.

On an episode of "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew", the popular TV and radio physician and drug rehab treatment expert notes that successful recovery is not possible when taking Adderall. The reason he states makes perfect sense. Adderall is also known referred to as an "amphetamine and a dextroamphetamine". The chances of anyone successfully getting through drug rehab treatment while continuing the use of a "legitimate" prescription for Adderall is not likely possible.

Adderall is defined as a "psychostimulant" drug. In traditional parlance, the pills are uppers. For those who use illegal stimulant drugs such as cocaine or meth, Adderall is another means of remaining stimulated. Others might be heavily using marijuana, painkillers, and other depressants and employ Adderall as a way of picking themselves up when hoping to balance out the effects of downers. Since the use of Adderall is not being employed for its proper therapeutic benefits, using the prescription becomes very dangerous and likely necessitates a stay in a qualified drug & alcohol treatment program.

Drug rehab treatment specialists have to ask a serious question when someone with a prescription for Adderall enters into a program. "Was the prescription even a legitimate one to begin with?" Addicts struggle heavily with the physical and mental cravings their condition presents. Frequently, they will lie to doctors in order to procure pills. So, it is not uncommon for someone to lie about sleeplessness or ADHD symptoms to procure an unnecessary prescription. Once the prescription is filled, the addict has a supply of amphetamines for use and abuse and will continue to abuse the pills until completing drug rehab treatment.

Of course, "speed" is mentally and physically addictive and becoming clean requires detoxing the body from any and all types of upper. Those abusing Adderall will find discontinuing the use of the prescription a must when hoping to successfully complete a stay in a drug rehab treatment center for methamphetamine addiction treatment or other programs. If you feel this may be an issue for yourself or someone close to you, we recommend taking an addiction self-assessment to find out if a treatment program is the right choice.

Seeking Treatment

The important thing in all of this is that you seek help for your drug addiction. Do not let fear keep you from the life you have always wanted. You do not need to fight this disease alone and any and all concerns that you have can be addressed as you move through the process of recovery. So call the professionals at Evolutions Treatment Center today, at 1-866-771-7091. We are standing by to help you finally overcome your addiction.