The Dangers of Marijuana Use for Addicts

In this day and age marijuana is perceived as an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses at best and a harmless recreational drug at worst. This may be true for those who do not suffer from any substance abuse disorders, but for those who do marijuana is far more dangerous. You may believe the concept of marijuana as a gateway drug is a myth, you may even have a few addict friends who are currently using marijuana in place of their drug of choice as a sort of self-imposed “marijuana maintenance” program. You should disabuse yourself of this thinking if you are serious about recovering from your addiction, as marijuana absolutely is a gateway drug.

Marijuana is the first foray into drug use for many addicts early in their using careers. It seems harmless at the time, usually a few friends in middle school or high school smoking a joint together. For those with the disease of addiction, this is the beginning of a gradual slide into oblivion. The high provided by marijuana is quickly found to be lacking, and the addict graduates to stronger substances. This pattern has been repeated time and time again by those with a substance abuse disorder. If you truly believe you are an addict and are looking to break free of the bonds of addiction, you need to abstain from marijuana regardless of your opinion as to its effect on your recovery.

Marijuana also functions insidiously as a gateway drug in that it lowers your inhibitions, making you much more likely to indulge in other substances while you are under its influence. You may be firm in your commitment to avoid your substance of choice when your mind is clear, but once you’ve consumed marijuana, you are no longer the same person with that strong stance against substance abuse. The danger associated with this altered state of mind is far to great for any addicts to risk. Alcohol has been legal for decades and is enjoyed by many Americans with impunity. However, addicts must abstain from alcohol even if it is not their substance of choice because it can easily lead them to relapse on their preferred drug. The same is true of marijuana – you must abstain if you are serious about maintaining your recovery.

Addicts in recovery need to maintain constant vigilance against their disease. This is an impossible task if you are using marijuana, regardless of the amount or frequency. Marijuana has proven to be a dangerous gateway drug for those in the recovery community. Those who have attempted “marijuana maintenance” as a form of recovery who you find back in the rooms of 12-step recovery will certainly attest to this fact. Should you truly want to change your life and rid yourself of your substance abuse, you need to abstain from marijuana completely. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we will give you the tools you need to succeed at creating a joyful, fulfilling life in sobriety. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and take this first step towards a new life.