The importance of Choosing a Homegroup

Now that you are rejoining society at large and departing from residential treatment, it is incredibly important you establish a foundation of support in the rooms of recovery. One great way to get started in this process is to find and join a homegroup. If this is your first time attempting sobriety, you are likely unfamiliar with what a homegroup is and why it is such an important part of your recovery. Let’s review what exactly a homegroup is and how it will help you in this early stage of your sobriety.

A homegroup is an AA or NA meeting which you are committing to be an active, regular participant in. This means you will attend every week without fail, will attend and participate in their business meeting, and ideally will pick up a commitment for this meeting. Clearly, a homegroup is going to be a major source of socialization for you in early sobriety, as your level of participation will be high given the terms of a homegroup commitment. Do not be afraid to jump in and join a homegroup simply because of the dedication required! This is exactly the sort of thing you need in early sobriety, as choosing a homegroup comes with a built in support network as well as much needed accountability. If you are a no show for a homegroup meeting, you can be assured the other members will be reaching out to make sure you are OK!

Joining a homegroup is an important early step in your sobriety journey. Often newcomers will pick their sponsor’s homegroup, but this is not a necessity for you. Your choice in homegroup should be based on how you feel about the members of the group - are you comfortable in the meeting? Do you relate to many of the other members? Is the meeting in a fellowship in which you plan on working your steps? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have an excellent candidate for a homegroup on your hands! You should make a decision regarding a homegroup as quickly as possible, just as you did choosing a sponsor. If it doesn’t work out, there are plenty of meetings out there who would be glad to have you as a homegroup member!

A homegroup meeting is a critical component of a healthy recovery program. This commitment comes with a healthy level of accountability and socialization, both of which will go a long way in keeping you sober. Just as with all things in early sobriety, it is important for you to jump right in and make a decision regarding a homegroup. So long as you maintain a willingness to honor your commitment to a homegroup, you will find the experiences you garner alongside the peers in your chosen group contribute a great deal to your health and growth in recovery!