The Importance of Diet in Recovery

When we enter recovery it is necessary for us to make drastic changes in our life, both in terms of thought and behavior patterns. One area of your life you should scrutinize and likely alter now that you are sober is that of your diet and eating habits. In our active addiction we rarely adhere to a regular meal schedule, and more often than not we rely on snack food and prepared, heavily processed meals as forms of sustenance. In sobriety it is well worth the effort to improve our diet, as this will go a long way towards bettering our mental and physical health.

Regular eating habits promote a healthy immune system and metabolism, improving our energy levels and overall physical performance. This is especially important in early sobriety, as our bodies are working overtime to repair the damage done to our system during our active addiction. A healthy diet with an emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients will significantly aid your body’s natural healing processes, facilitating and expediting your physical recovery from the ravages wrought by your substance abuse.

Aside from the myriad physical benefits of a healthy diet are the psychological and emotional rewards offered by regular, healthy eating. A daily routine is the lifeblood of a recovery program, and regular eating habits are an important part of this routine. Without nourishing our minds and bodies we will be ill-prepared to tackle the day’s activities and obstacles, setting ourselves up for failure and greater risk for relapse. Establishing and sticking to regular meal schedules, meals which consist of a healthy variety of fresh ingredients, will enable you to conquer the day’s challenges and build on your recovery program. These benefits make it more than worth the effort required to plan and prepare healthy meals every day.

In our active addiction, our diet is usually determined by the path of least resistance. Fast food, snack foods, prepared microwaveable meals - these become staples of our daily sustenance. Now that you have made the leap to sobriety, you should be working to develop a routine which promotes your health, wellness, and recovery. An important component of any sober person’s daily routine is a healthy diet, as without good nutrition your energy levels and peace of mind will suffer. If you value your sobriety, you should strive to form and maintain healthy eating habits as they will aid you and serve you well on your journey in recovery.


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