The Importance of Getting a Sponsor

Now that you have successfully completed residential treatment, you should be excited about the next phase of your life in early sobriety. This is a time of limitless potential for you, as you are finding yourself and your life’s purpose now that you are uninhibited by substance abuse. Given your unfamiliarity with living in and maintaining your sobriety, you will need an advisor to help guide you through the process of 12-step recovery. This is why a sponsor is a crucial component of your recovery program, especially in early recovery. Your top priority as you attend 12-step meetings should be to find a sponsor and begin working the 12 steps of recovery.

A sponsor’s role in your recovery is that of a mentor, imparting their wisdom and experience as it pertains to recovery while also leading you through the 12 steps prescribed by your recovery group of choice. Your sponsor should have at least a year of continuous sobriety, have an active relationship with a sponsor of their own, and have gone through the 12 steps with their sponsor. These requirements are important, as a sponsor can only guide you through the 12 steps if they have successfully worked their recovery program with their sponsor. While you should try to begin working with a sponsor as soon as possible, you should not compromise during the selection process as this could diminish the quality of the working relationship you have with your chosen individual.

The relationship between you and your sponsor will be very close, requiring complete honesty and willingness on the part of both sponsor and sponsee. Therefore, it is important you choose a sponsor who you feel comfortable with in order to ensure an open line of communication. It is also helpful to choose a sponsor with whom you share some commonalities, either in terms of background or interests. Common ground will assist the development of your relationship with your sponsor, and you should capitalize on anything which contributes positively to the relationship between you and your sponsor.

Your sponsor will be the most important person in your life during your early recovery, as they will be the source of healing and recovery during this period in your life. You should dive right in to the process of seeking a sponsor to work with as soon as you exit residential treatment, or even while you are in residential treatment if you are exposed to qualified members of your 12-step recovery group of choice. Your goal should be to find someone you relate to, who you are comfortable with, and who has the requisite knowledge and experience in sobriety to help you on your recovery journey. Your sponsor will hopefully become a lifelong friend and sober support, just one more example of the many gifts sobriety has to offer!


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