The Importance of Receiving STI Testing in Sobriety

Now that you have transitioned to sobriety and are making strides towards restoring your health and well-being, you should ensure any risky sexual behaviors that transpired during your active addiction have not caused any health problems. The first step towards this goal is undergoing a full battery of STI tests in order diagnose any potential infections so you may receive necessary medical treatment. For many people this step can be difficult to complete, as fear of receiving bad news leads one to avoid receiving testing in the first place. This avoidant stance runs counter to the principles of a life in sobriety and is ill-advised for a number of reasons.

Modern medicine has made great strides in the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. All of these types of infections are treatable, and many are curable, a fact which should alleviate any fears you have about receiving positive test results. However, if left untreated these infections can cause permanent damage to your body and, in some instances, could prove fatal. This should be a compelling reason for you to seek STI testing as soon as possible in early recovery, so you can receive any necessary medical treatment to avoid lasting damage due to a previously undiagnosed infection.

Aside from securing your own health and wellness, all humans crave intimacy with others, and once you are solid in your recovery you will want to rejoin the dating world and attempt relationships with others. It would be grossly irresponsible of you to avoid getting tested for STIs before engaging in romantic activities with anyone, especially if your active addiction regularly included risky sexual behaviors. This lack of caring about the consequences of one’s actions is not how a person in recovery conducts themselves, and indeed could easily lead one to relapse should you inadvertently infect your partner as a result of your ignorance. There is no reason to let this scenario come to pass, as testing for STIs is quick, painless, and an important step to take in early recovery.

Seeking treatment for a substance abuse disorder and actively working a program of recovery are investments in one’s health and well-being that will pay dividends for decades to come. You would be doing yourself a great disservice by avoiding STI testing due to fear of a positive test result, as ignorance of these infections does not render them harmless. On the contrary, delays in receiving treatment for these infections can easily lead to permanent health consequences, which would truly be a shame now that you have undertaken the arduous task of getting sober. In light of these realities, you should absolutely undergo testing for STIs in early recovery in order to ensure your efforts towards restoring your health and wellness are not undermined by an undiagnosed condition.


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