The Importance of Self-Care in Recovery

For every selfish and self-centered alcoholic there is one who prefers the role of caretaker, making sure those around them are satisfied before they can feel content themselves. This behavior may seem positive and altruistic, but upon closer examination the caretaker is deriving a sense of purpose and self-worth from the response they get from those around them. If this behavior sounds familiar to you, you need to pivot to new behaviors in sobriety if you are to maintain your recovery and flourish in life.

It is said in the rooms of recovery that we need to be selfish in our sobriety. What this means is that if we do not first take care of ourselves, we are not equipped to take care of anyone or anything else. Those who were comfortable in the role of caretaker often struggle with this idea, as they mistake caring for others as a form of self-care. This is not the case, and it is important you take time for yourself in order to recharge mentally and physically lest you overextend yourself, placing you at a greater risk for relapse.

How can you transition from a caretaker mentality to one of self-care? Like most change in recovery, conscious effort is required to make this shift. Hopefully you have already established a daily routine for your new sober life, so ensure there are scheduled times for self-care as part of that routine. Acts of self-care vary from person to person, yours could be anything from time to read books to regular spa days for mani-pedis, whatever recharges your mental and emotional batteries so you are ready and able to face life on life’s terms. These activities are important to your maintaining a fit mental and spiritual condition, both of which are critical if you are to be successful in your sobriety.

Many addicts struggle with self-care in early recovery, feeling guilty about taking time to do nice things for themselves instead of helping others in order to “make up” for the sins of their past. Neglecting oneself in an effort to satisfy those around us is unhealthy behavior which places us at greater risk for relapse. Instead of worrying about everyone else in your life, ensure your own mental and physical fitness is at a healthy level before taking on the concerns of others. Self-care is a key part of success in sobriety, and you should incorporate time in your routine to recharge your own batteries so you are equipped to face life on life’s terms successfully!


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