The Toll of Addiction on the Family

The cold, deadly grip of addiction holds both the addict and their family in it’s grasp. While it is the addict actively abusing substances every day, the damage is incurred by both themselves and their loved ones forced to watch the destruction occur. This devastating scenario plays out in households across the country, and results in the development of negative behaviors as coping mechanisms by the family of the substance abuser.

The family of an addict quickly finds themselves at their wit’s end when faced with their loved one’s disease. Nothing they say or do seems to change the behavior of the addict, and confrontation only results in conflict and emotional damage. Inevitably, they find an easier way to deal with this family member: keeping them happy by enabling their substance abuse. Their rationale for this behavior is based on the premise of avoiding conflict and maintaining a veneer of peace and tranquility in the home.

It is not just the relationship between the addict and their family that is strained. Family members often disagree with each other about the best way to handle the addict, arguing the pros and cons of enabling or confronting their loved one. This dynamic is especially prevalent among the parents of an addict, often leading to marital discord and even divorce.

Addiction is a terribly destructive disease, damaging the lives of the addict and those around them. The pain experienced by the family of the addict manifests itself in many ways, more often than not leading to frayed relationships between family members as well as the formation of bad habits as a means to cope with the addict. The damage incurred by the family requires treatment and healing just as much as the addict themselves. Evolutions Treatment Center offers family therapy programs, encouraging the development of healthy boundaries between family members so the addict may sustain their sobriety and the family may heal.


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