Things to Avoid in Treatment which could Ruin your Recovery

Substance Abuse Treatment is an amazing opportunity you should capitalize on to the best of your ability. For those entering a treatment center for the first time, this new experience is guided by licensed medical professionals, leaving little room for missteps on your part. However, nothing is foolproof and there are traps you may fall into which would diminish or eliminate any benefits offered by residential inpatient treatment. Here are a few behaviors you should avoid at all costs, lest you ruin the opportunity treatment is affording you.

First, it is critical you maintain a policy of full disclosure between you and your therapist, regardless of any guilt or shame you feel about what it is your are sharing. Residential treatment is the perfect time to practice this new policy of honesty, as you will need to maintain this sort of communication with your sponsor when you begin working at 12-step recovery program as well. Holding back information from your therapist will only hurt you in the long run, as you will be robbing yourself of the opportunity to process whatever feeling or experience you are attempting to suppress. Continuing to hide from the truth will only lead you to relapse, which defeats the purpose of treatment entirely.

Another behavior to avoid while in residential treatment is a deliberate disregard for the rules and regulations set forth by your treatment center. These rules are in place for good reason - disobeying them may be putting yours or another client’s safety and sobriety at risk. A perfect example of seemingly harmless behavior which could prove devastating for the recovery process is engaging in prohibited fraternization with other clients at your residential treatment facility. While it is only natural to feel physical attraction to other people, acting on these impulses could easily lead to you or the other person to develop an emotional attachment to each other, which would distract from the therapeutic processes at best and, at worst, you could influence each other to leave treatment and continue using substances together.

The opportunity to enroll in a substance abuse treatment program is a gift not afforded to every addict. In light of this fact, it would truly be a shame for you to engage in behavior which detracts from the efficacy of the addiction therapy you are receiving, especially considering the life or death issue at hand. At Evolutions, we have established rules and regulations for our clients which we rigorously enforce in order to protect your safety and sobriety while on our campus. As part of your commitment to your sobriety, you should strive to abide by these rules and avoid putting your recovery at risk. If you feel you are willing to put forth a commitment to sobriety, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you start your recovery journey!


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