Things to do when Quitting Drinking

Once you’ve made the decision to quit drinking, you will need to take steps to change your daily life and routine so that you will not be tempted to return to alcohol. This shift in routine should be substantial, eliminating the people, places, and things you associated with drinking. These triggers should be avoided in early sobriety at all costs, even if you have a strong emotional attachment to them. Here are some things to consider leaving behind as you begin your journey in recovery.

First and foremost, you should step back from those relationships you formed with other heavy drinkers in your active addiction. On the surface these friendships may appear genuine and fulfilling, but any relationship based around your mutual interest in drinking is likely unhealthy and would certainly detract from your recovery. Have an honest, open conversation with these individuals and explain that you are looking to eliminate alcohol from your life, and in order to achieve that goal you need to distance yourself from them until you are secure in your sobriety.

In our active addiction, our worlds tend to shrink down more and more as our substance of choice overtakes all other hobbies and pastimes. This process must be reversed as you begin to recover from substance abuse, as idle hands and empty minds lend themselves to relapse. You should engage in activities organized by your local 12-step recovery clubhouse as a way to both occupy your time and broaden your community of sober supports. You may just discover a new passion you had never tried before, giving you yet another strong motivator to stay sober and enjoy life.

Transitioning from dependency on alcohol to a life of sobriety is an admirable act, and one which requires a great deal of effort and introspection. For all those seeking to make this change, there are steps you need to take to limit your risk for relapse in early sobriety. These sacrifices, however painful, are in the best interest of your recovery and are well worth the effort. If you as serious about getting sober as you were about getting drunk, you will do whatever it takes to succeed in recovery!


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