Three Reasons to Encourage your Loved One to Enter Treatment Now

There is nothing quite as excruciating as watching a loved one self-destruct as they continue to progress in their active addiction. The resulting devastation in both the addict’s life and the lives of those around them can take years to repair, further emphasizing the importance of seeking treatment early in order to minimize the damage wrought by substance abuse in these lives. It is highly unlikely you need any further convincing as to the necessity of substance abuse treatment for your loved one, but perhaps you are on the fence about actively encouraging them to do so. Here are just a few of the countless reasons you should set aside any reservations about encouraging your loved one to seek substance abuse treatment today.

The most significant and obvious reason to implore your loved one to seek help immediately is the life-threatening implications of continued substance abuse. Every time an addict uses their substance of choice, they are at risk of overdosing and cutting their life tragically short. Unfortunately, one of the side effects of long-term substance abuse is often a complete disregard or apathy towards the risk of death - the addict has no interest in living without their substance of choice. Remind them that even if they care little for their life, those around them still love them and want to see them recover and return to a state of sobriety and joy.

If it has not already become clear, every day your loved one continues to abuse substances they are forced to sacrifice other aspects of their life, whether this be a career, a house, friends and family, or other possessions. Interrupting this cycle of loss, self-medication to alleviate the pain of the loss, and additional loss as a result of the self-medication would seem to be a painfully obvious reason for an addict to want help, but an addict in active substance abuse is not rational in their thinking so this reason will not often occur to them. As a close loved one of the addict, you are well-placed to witness their spiral towards a deep rock bottom, and can urge them to accept help, stop digging, and begin climbing out of this hole they’ve dug.

Not only will the addict’s accepting help and entering a treatment center alleviate their suffering, you will also feel a great deal of relief with the knowledge they are safe and secure, no longer afraid of receiving the dreaded phone call informing you of their death. Often those close to an addict feel as though they have gone insane when confronting the warped perception of the active substance abuser. Prompting your loved one to enter treatment and restore clarity to their thinking and decision making will, in turn, restore sanity to your life and the lives of those around the addict.

Addiction does not limit its devastation to the substance abuser. Those surrounding the addict incur suffering as a result of their disease, often as severely as the addict themselves. There are endless reasons you should encourage your loved one to seek sobriety rather than continue down the destructive path of substance abuse, but often we feel uneasy about confronting an addict and urging them to enter treatment. If you are struggling with this decision, or are uncertain how to proceed, Evolutions is here to help. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you get your loved one the care they need so that everyone can return to happy, healthy living!

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