Tips for a Successful Completion of Residential Treatment

Those attempting sobriety for the first time will likely find the environment and routine of a residential treatment center comfortable but unfamiliar, perhaps even unusual. There is a certain amount of adjustment necessary in order to fully immerse yourself in the residential treatment experience and soak in all the therapies and lessons available to you. Here are a few tips to remember as you enter residential treatment so this adjustment will be quick and painless for you.

First, residential treatment imposes a specific schedule and structured routine on the lives of clients and for good reason. In our active addiction, the only schedule we consistently adhered to was that of our substance abuse - all other obligations and routines are eventually sacrificed in order to accommodate our addiction. When we begin taking steps towards sobriety, this lack of discipline in our daily lives needs to be addressed. Fighting the routine and established schedule of your treatment center will only prevent you from engaging in the therapeutic activities and community healing offered, greatly inhibiting your growth in recovery during this important transitive phase. The sooner you relinquish control and “go with the flow” the easier and more productive your time will be in residential treatment.

Another important thing to keep in mind as you begin your experience in residential treatment is the significant roles full disclosure and complete honesty play in your ability to avail yourself of all the healing and therapy available to you. Your therapists in treatment are only able to work with the information you provide them, so omitting emotionally and psychologically traumatic events from your discussions with them prevents their helping you process and move past these obstacles to your recovery. This lack of transparency on your part would be very self-defeating; so long as you continue to bury traumatic events of your past rather than work through them you will be that much closer to relapse.

Residential substance abuse treatment is an excellent start to a person’s journey in recovery, providing support, therapy, and guidance during this early transitive phase. These benefits are dependent on you and your level of participation in the program - as is often said in the rooms of recovery “you get out what you put in.” It is important you adhere to the structure and prescribed schedule in your treatment program, avoiding any resistant or defiant behaviors. Additionally, the more honest and open you are with the clinical staff, the more they will be able to help you through whatever mental or emotional issues you are struggling with. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we have spared no expense developing a rigorous and comprehensive program of substance abuse treatment based on a holistic approach to addiction therapy. If you give it a chance, Evolutions can provide you with all the tools you need to build a strong foundation in recovery which can last a lifetime. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help place you on a path to sobriety!


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