Tips for Coexisting Healthily with Roommates in Sober Living

In our active addiction we are creatures of solitude, isolating ourselves from others so our bad habits will go unchallenged. Now that you are seeking sobriety, you will be encouraged to reside in a sober living facility after completing inpatient treatment. For some, this can be a culture shock as sober homes cater to all age groups and demographics, just as addiction touches people regardless of their age or background. Living in harmony with others will require some adjustments for you since you are likely unaccustomed to thinking of others in your day to day life. Here are some things to keep in mind as you enter a sober living home to ensure your success in this recovery environment.

It is very possible you have been neglecting chores and general upkeep of your home while in active addiction. This is a habit that you need to work diligently to break now that you are living with others, since your messiness will infringe on their space as well as yours. Most sober living homes have a rotating chore list which must be completed weekly, but you should go the extra mile and maintain a clean living environment on a daily basis. Besides the obvious reason pertaining to respecting your housemates, part of living in sobriety is establishing healthy behaviors and routines, and keeping your home clean is one such routine you should seek to form.

Another point to consider as you make your transition into sober living is respecting the boundaries of others while also clearly communicating your own boundaries. This is key to coexisting well with others, as a lack of boundaries can easily lead to conflicts in the home. Mutual respect is developed by acknowledging and staying within the boundaries set forth both by your fellow housemates and the house rules overall. There will likely come a time where you need to confront a housemate who is disrespecting your boundaries. Do not hesitate to come to them and discuss the situation in a non confrontational manner, as this is an opportunity for growth for both you and your housemate.

Living in recovery is all about growing as an individual, both in your sobriety and in your life overall. Choosing to reside in a sober living home after you complete inpatient treatment affords many opportunities for growth, as learning to live with others requires positive changes in your behavior. At Evolutions, our sober living facilities provide a structure conducive to this growth while ensuring the safety and security of our clients so they may focus on working their program of recovery. If you are nearing the end of your inpatient treatment and are seeking a safe, structured residence which will encourage your continued growth, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire as to availability at our sober living facilities.


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