Tips for Keeping your Recovery Green

It is important for those of us in sobriety to keep our recovery programs feeling fresh and new, regardless of how much sober time we accrue. By keeping our recovery green we ensure we remain invigorated and enthusiastic in our efforts to stay sober. Everyone has a program of recovery that is unique to them, so your particular methods of “keeping it green” will look different than those of your friends and sober supports. For those of us just starting out on our journey in recovery, here are a few things you can try to ensure your program stays fresh and you remain inspired to continue to progress in sobriety.

Most of the lessons and wisdom we acquire from the rooms of recovery comes from those we encounter in our AA or NA meetings. If you find the message you are receiving is beginning to feel stale, a great way to renew your recovery is to seek out new meetings to add to your rotation. This exposes you to new voices and opinions, providing a source of fresh perspective on the nuts and bolts of recovery. While you should not completely overhaul your meeting schedule for the sake of consistency, keep a few days a week dedicated to trying out new meetings in order to add some fresh viewpoints to your recovery program.

Another area of your recovery in which there is always room for growth and renewal is in the work you are doing to improve yourself to get closer to the principles of recovery. We are never truly rid of all our character defects, as new ones form during our growth and evolution in recovery which should be addressed. This gives us another opportunity to refresh and renew our recovery program - as you complete your daily tenth step inventory, look for any new defects which seem to be cropping up regularly and put forth some effort towards eliminating their influence in your day to day life. This will require you seek the guidance of both your higher power and your fellows in recovery, as new character defects require new strategies to effectively combat and remove them from your life.

Our success in keeping our program of recovery feeling fresh and new has a direct impact on our enthusiasm and vigor in our efforts to continue working in our sobriety. This is why you often hear the refrain “keep it green” in the rooms of recovery - those who have achieved lasting sobriety understand the importance of renewal in the recovery process. If we allow our program to grow stale, we end up losing interest and moving on to other pursuits, resting on our laurels in sobriety and putting ourselves at risk of relapse. You should therefore take steps to refresh and revitalize your recovery program so that your enthusiasm does not wane. There are limitless sources of new information, new inspiration, and new areas of growth in our lives in sobriety, one must only seek them out. So long as you do this, your recovery program will never grow stale and your zeal for sobriety will keep you in recovery for years to come!