Tips for Making the Shift to Positive Thought Patterns

Many of us develop substance abuse disorders as a means to cope with psychological and emotional trauma with which we are struggling. These traumas can also have a negative impact on our thought patterns, fostering instincts for deception, minimization, and repression within our psyche. These patterns of thought must be smashed if we are to remain sober, and it takes a concerted effort to retrain our brains in more positive, constructive thought processes. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin the transition from destructive thought processes to healthy ones.

Awareness is the first step towards enacting change in our minds and our lives, as it is impossible to effect change in that which we are unaware. The practice of meditation is recommended for those in recovery for this reason, as sitting in quiet reflection allows you to examine and understand the thoughts and feelings floating around in your conscious mind. The better you understand the way your mind reacts and responds to different situations, the more you will be able to effect change in these processes and interrupt any negative patterns which have taken root.

Knowledge is only beneficial to us if we put it to good use, and all the self-knowledge in the world will do nothing to change your life if you do not act on it. Now that you are regularly meditating in order to better understand your thought patterns, you need to make a conscious effort to maintain this self-awareness throughout your day. When a negative thought process kicks in, you should pause, ground yourself, and practice thought stopping techniques in order to interrupt these unhealthy patterns, actively replacing these negative thoughts with positive, constructive ones. The more you work at this effort, the more successful you will be, and eventually the positive thought patterns will replace the negative ones as instinctive to your mind.

Substance abuse disorders usually form alongside other negative, destructive patterns in our lives, including patterns of thought. Once these have taken hold in our minds, substantial work is required in order to reverse the process and replace them with positive, constructive thought patterns. This is a necessary part of our recovery program, as if left unchanged these destructive thoughts will lead us right back to substance abuse and despair. With conscious effort and dedication you can successfully retrain your brain and free your mind of these negative thought processes, further solidifying your recovery program and your stability in sobriety.


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