Tips for Staying Positive During this Crisis

It can be difficult to keep a positive outlook on life amid these upsetting and downright dangerous times. You must put forth effort in keeping a mindset of hope and gratitude in order to stay on track in your sobriety. Failing to do so could easily lead you back to substance abuse as a means to cope with the situations going on in the world around us. Here are some steps you can take to ensure you keep a positive mindset and attitude despite these trying time we find ourselves in.

Take time every morning and evening to make a gratitude list. A gratitude list is a list of five things in your life you feel grateful to have or experience. This is a simple action that can dramatically change your outlook on your day every morning and increase your peace and serenity in the evening. Set aside five minutes in the morning and five minutes before you go to bed to make your gratitude lists. You should keep them together in a notebook so you have a log of things you are grateful for in your life to review at the end of the year. This is a great way to track the progress you’ve made in your sobriety as your mindset will evolve over time.

Being trapped inside due to stay-at-home orders is a recipe for disaster in terms of your physical activity level. Make sure you are staying active despite the limits on your mobility due to the pandemic. Replace your gym routine with a workout routine that can be completed at home without equipment. There are many such routines available for free on YouTube or through streaming services linked to your TV. Do not let the pandemic be your excuse to lay around all day, keeping active will help you stay positive and keep your self-esteem high in these trying times!

The state of affairs in the United States today certainly does not lend itself to a positive outlook on life. Economic recession, unemployment, disease, civil unrest – these factors combine to create a perfect storm of negativity in your worldview. It is therefore doubly important that you be proactive in defense of your mindset these days. Just a few minutes of conscious effort each day can have an outstanding impact on your outlook and attitude, making it that much easier to maintain your sobriety regardless of the condition of the world around you.


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