Tips to Avoid Displacing your Addictive Tendencies in Sobriety

Putting down the drink or the drug is only the first step in the process of achieving lasting sobriety. While this is the hardest step for many of us, the road to recovery takes a lifetime to traverse, and in the first few months of sobriety our alcoholism is still untreated and can easily manifest in other more subversive forms. You must therefore remain vigilant in early recovery so as not to allow your addiction to present in some other compulsive behavior in your daily life. Here are some tips to ensure you keep your addictive nature in check so you can succeed in recovery.

The best way to avoid allowing any addictive behaviors to invade your life is to maintain complete transparency and accountability between you and your sponsor. If you find yourself engaging in some sort of behavior and your instinct is to conceal this fact from your sponsor and others, this is definitely a sign that the behavior is detrimental to your recovery at best and potentially addictive at worst. You should fight your instinct to indulge this negative behavior, holding off until you have consulted with your sponsor and sober supports in order to determine whether or not it would be damaging to your efforts at recovery.

Another method to avoid forming a new addiction in early sobriety is through establishing and maintaining a varied schedule of activities, drawing on inspiration from those who have come before you in the rooms of recovery. By relying on the wisdom and experience of those senior to you in your 12-step recovery community when formulating your daily and weekly plans, you are able to avoid the mistakes they may have made in early recovery. This virtually guarantees your choosing activities and pastimes which pose little to no risk to your recovery as well as a minimal potential for forming an unhealthy compulsion.

In early recovery it is so important we remain mindful of what we are investing our time in, lest we overindulge in one particular activity to the point where it becomes an addiction all its own. While addicts can take pretty much any behavior and run with it to the point of unhealthy compulsion, there are precautions you can take in early sobriety to prevent this from occurring in your life. Ultimately your recovery is in your hands, but as long as you rely on the guidance of your higher power and those who have successfully worked a 12-step recovery program before you, you will make choices which benefit your life in sobriety and will succeed in your life in recovery!