Top 10: Coping with Holiday Urges

The holiday's are a time of celebration. We get together with family, spread joy, and offer gifts to the people that matter to us most.

On the other hand, though, they can be a time of immense stress and anxiety...especially for the recovering addict/alcoholic.

The holiday's are often referred to as a major "trigger time" for many in recovery from substance use disorders. Historically, relapse rates tend to soar towards the end of December which is why it is important to have a plan of action to prepare yourself for the season of jolliness.

Our goal in this week’s Facebook Live with Dr. Huttman, Dr. Fraser, and Blake was to offer our Top 10 tips for coping with urges during the holiday season (or any stressful time in your life). Our goal, with the help of our Director of Outpatient Services, Carrie Eberhart, was to help you form a survival plan based in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 

Some of the highlights this week were:

  • Avoid (#1)

  • Your addiction recovery comes first no matter what! If you feel that a certain party, dinner, or family get-to-gether is going to put you at risk, it's ok to take a pass until you're stronger.

  • Distract Yourself (#3)

  • "Move a muscle, change a thought." If you start feeling some of those old feeling creeping in, do something to get your hands busy. Distract your mind from the fact that your experiencing a craving.

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis (#5)

  • Play the tape to the end. Ask yourself "what would be the benefit of you relapsing?" Then ask yourself "what would it cost me if I did pick up again?"

  • Picture Your Future (#8)

  • Imagine what your life would look like clean and sober. Imagine what you can accomplish free of all substances. Looks good doesn't it?

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