TOP 10: How to Find Quality Addiction Treatment

One of the most chaotic periods in a person's life can occur the moment that person decides they want to get help for their addiction problem.

The process can seem daunting, overwhelming, and just down-right scary.

With news articles and reports of scandal in the substance abuse disorder treatment world, it is important to be armed with knowledge and poise when seeking help for your loved one or self.

Our goal in this week’s Facebook Live with Zachary Freedman and Blake Cohen (the Evolutions Admission Department) was to offer our Top 10 tips for finding a good treatment center that suits your needs. Our goal was to guide you through a set a simple questions to ask, qualifications to look for, and red flags to be wary of when seeking quality dual-diagnosis treatment.

Some of the highlights this week were:

  • Take Your Time/ Do Your Homework (#1)

  • A mistake that we often see being made is that people rush into choosing a treatment center. We know that this is a tough time where the "window of willingness" seems small but don't be impulsive with your decision. Move swiftly, but smartly.

  • Ask to Speak to the Clinical Team (#3)

  • Often times, when you call a treatment center, you are speaking to an admissions representative. Now, that is fine, but I would also ask to speak to someone in clinical to ensure that everything that the admissions representative is telling you is accurate.

  • Don't Call Too Many Places (#5)

  • If you want to increase the chance of confusing yourself or your loved ones, call a ton of places and then try to remember which on you liked the most. Limit the number of places you call to the top 5 (at most) you found based on researching online.

  • Warning Signs (#8)

  • There are some clear, concrete red flags one should look for. This is process built on trust and patient/therapist report. The last thing that happen is that you are deceived into attending a program that isn't what the person helping you admit said it was.

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