Top 10 Thanksgiving Survival Tips For the Recovering Addict

The holiday season can be a difficult time for many of us. Whether you are in recovery from addiction or not, extended periods of time with family or loved ones can be stressful. Or perhaps you are alone this holiday season, none the less, it can be a difficult part of the year.

The holidays can bring on a lot more than just stress, though. They can be a very triggering time which is especially true for someone that is early in recovery.

Our goal in this week’s Live with Dr. Huttman and Blake was to offer the recovering addict or alcoholic some general "survival tips" that can help people make it through the holidays with their sobriety in tact!

Some of the highlights this week were:

  • Special Guest and Evolutions Client Liaison, David Miller joined in to discuss his experience as a recovering addict for 26 years

  • Identifying Family Stressor (#1)

  • Avoiding and Identifying potential relapse Triggers (#2)

  • Avoiding Alcohol and Food with Alcohol in it (#6 and #7)

  • An "if needed" 3-step Escape Plan

  • Gratitude and the important role it plays during the holidays

*Side Note: Allow us to express our deepest gratitude this year for you. We are in the midst of a terrible opioid epidemic and it takes an army to combat it. With us all working together, I know we can make an impact and leave the world a better place than we found it.

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