Top 10 Ways America Set Up Addicts For Failure

Evolutions Treatment Center, A Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Program, has always taken a strong stance in the fight against America's current opioid epidemic.

Many people across the nation are scratching their heads wondering who is to blame for the increasing overdose death rate. Many American's are also scratching their head wondering why more hasn't been done to curb overdose rates.

In our new, weekly, Facebook Live series, Blake Cohen and Dr. Jeffrey Huttman discuss the Top 10 ways in which American addicts have been set up for epic failure. Some of the highlights discussed are:

  • The promoting of highly addicting opioid medications for long-term pain management (#10)

  • Insurance companies and their lack of regulation pertaining to substance abuse coverage. (#6)

  • Social stigma and the role it plays in people not seeking the help they need. (#4)

  • Medication Assisted Therapy and how Vivitrol is not promoted enough. (#1)

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