Top 10 Ways to Help an Addict that Doesn't Want Help

As many of us know, there are few situations that can be more frustrating than watching a loved one slowly deteriorate from substance abuse or mental health problems. As employees at Evolutions Treatment Center, a Fort Lauderdale based Dual-Diagnosis treatment program, we have so much empathy and sympathy for the families that find themselves in this very confusing situation.

Part of the disease of addiction, for the addict themselves, involves not being aware of how severe their situation has become causing them to be in denial of the fact that they actually need help.

On this week's Facebook Live, Dr. Jeffrey Huttman and Blake Cohen discuss the Top 10 ways to help a loved one that does not want help. Some of the highlights of this week's episode were:

  • Determining If Your Loved One is Actually In Need of Help (#1)

  • Overcoming Common Excuses Your Loved One May Make (#3)

  • How to Explain the Risk of Death or Overdose (#5)

  • Avoiding Temporary Solutions (#7)

  • How to Find the Proper Treatment Center (#9)

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