Top 10: What to Expect When Your Loved One Comes Home From Treatment

Sending a loved one to treatment for addiction can be extremely difficult and anyone who's had to do it could attest to that. While the loved one is in care, though, many families report feeling relief knowing their loved one is safe and receiving help.

Unfortunately, that relief can be short lived knowing your loved one's discharge date is approaching which means he or she will be returning home soon.

Our goal in this week's Live with Dr. Huttman and Blake was to help mediate some of your concerns about your loved ones return home and offer you some helpful tips on how to best prepare for their arrival. Some of the highlights from this week's video are:

  • Determining How Stable Your Loved One is (#2)

  • Is your loved one ready to come directly home or should they seek a safer sober living environment?

  • Are they ready to return to work or school immediately or do they need some adjustment time?

  • Following Through with Discharge Plans (#4)

  • What is the plan coming out of treatment? Is there a plan?

  • Finding local support groups and enrolling in Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Therapy

  • 90 in 90 (#5)

  • The importance of attending 90 support group meetings in 90 days

  • Getting plugged into the local recovery community

  • Full Transparency (#6)

  • Complete and Open Discussions about Drug History and Mental Illness

  • Getting comfortable with complete honesty

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Part 2:

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