Traveling in Sobriety - Finding a Local Recovery Community

Living in recovery offers us a myriad of opportunities which were unavailable in our active addiction. One of these gifts of sobriety is our ability to travel and vacation to new locales. No longer are we bound to one area by the chains of our active addiction, and you may find one of your passions is exploring distant countries and exoctic destinations. A question often posed by those in early sobriety is how to travel safely and maintain an active presence in the recovery community. Here are a few things to remember as you embark upon your journey around the globe.

AA has truly proliferated worldwide as people across the planet are in desperate need of recovery from substance abuse. Wherever you are traveling, there is likely a local AA or NA community already established and waiting with open arms to welcome you. Before you take flight, you should look online for meetings and clubhouses in the area to which you are traveling, and pencil in a few of these meetings to your vacation agenda. Visiting these meetings as an out of towner is an exciting opportunity, as you may gain a whole new perspective on some aspect of your recovery revealed by someone you speak with at the meeting. It is well worth your time to include some local meetings in your vacation plan, both for the sake of your sobriety and your continued growth in recovery.

While AA is truly a global group, there are some corners of the world where meetings are not easily found. If you find yourself traveling to such an area, you can always keep in contact with your existing recovery community through the phone and internet. Zoom meetings have become a new normal for those of us in recovery, giving you a way to stay in touch with your homegroup even if you are halfway around the world. You may want to find a zoom meeting whose members are located closer to where you are traveling, as perhaps you could make a new acquaintance with whom you can meet up at some point during your travels. No matter where you are, there is a way to stay in touch with your recovery community so long as you are committed to putting in the effort!

It is important to stay ensconced in your recovery community no matter where you go, but just as important is your living life in sobriety without limitations. To this end, global travel should not be shied away from by those in recovery, as you can go anywhere on the planet while remaining in touch with your recovery network. Indeed, global travel provides you an opportunity to meet some fresh faces in recovery who may open your eyes to some invaluable insight into some facet of your journey in sobriety. Plan ahead before you take flight, include some meetings in your vacation agenda, and you can safely and confidently proceed to explore the world around you while remaining safe in your sobriety!