Treatment Center Alumni Programs - A Great Opportunity for your Recovery

For those lucky enough to enroll in a private substance abuse treatment center, as you prepare to step back into the real world you are likely feeling excited and anxious about this next phase of your sobriety. These feelings are normal and should not be too troubling for you, but there are many recovering addicts and alcoholics who report struggling with forming a new social group during this time. One excellent way to do so is through participating in your treatment center’s alumni program. This will keep you connected to those individuals who you got to know in treatment and who, like yourself, are committed to their sobriety and a new way of life. What exactly is an alumni program, and what is expected of you in order to participate?

Alumni programs vary in terms of substance and duration from treatment center to treatment center. At more established and reputable facilities, an alumni program will have a dedicated staff member who coordinates activities, meetings, and sometimes even direct assistance to those active members who are participating in the program. At Evolutions, we have a vibrant and active alumni community thanks to our passionate and dedicated alumni director Leon. Our alumni program offers clients who are committed to staying sober an opportunity to remain close with friends from treatment, engage in organized group activities and outings, and maintain access to support provided by Evolutions during this early phase of recovery. These aspects of a well-rounded alumni program should strongly encourage you to become an active participant, whether you are an Evolutions client or a resident at another treatment center which offers an alumni program.

So, what is asked of you in order to participate in the alumni program at a treatment center? At Evolutions, all we ask is you remain honest, open, and communicative with your other alums and with our alumni director! This means allowing us to hold you accountable for your ongoing sobriety and work in recovery. Should you relapse, being an active member of our alumni program will enable us to provide immediate assistance, expediting your readmission to our facilities so you can get back on track in your recovery. Hopefully this scenario never comes to pass and your active engagement in our alumni program and in the rooms of recovery provide a strong, unshakable foundation for your life in sobriety. If, however, you find yourself in a difficult spot in life, Leon and your peers in the alumni program will be there with a helping hand.

Your treatment center’s alumni program is an excellent resource for you in early sobriety. At Evolutions, our alumni program offers a ready-made community of support as well as organized activities and outings as a group of sober individuals. Our alumni director Leon makes himself available to all those participating in our alumni group - he can be an invaluable source of inspiration and support for you in early sobriety. You should absolutely sign up as a member of your treatment center’s alumni program upon successful completion of your final level of care. Doing so will go a long way in setting you up for success in recovery and a happy, fulfilling life in early sobriety!