Treatment for an Addict’s Family

The damage to the family unit resulting from a loved one’s addiction requires treatment in order to heal properly. This treatment should be facilitated by a professional therapist, or at the very least someone with substantial experience with the issues encountered by the families of addicts. Where can you turn to find this much needed assistance?

Most addiction treatment centers offer some form of family therapy. This normally consists of group therapy sessions facilitated by a counselor during which family members may feel safe in sharing their thoughts and feelings. Negative behaviors developed when your loved one was in active addiction will be identified and replaced with positive coping skills. Family therapy is of great importance when it comes to maximizing the addict’s chances at long term sobriety.

Even after successfully completing addiction treatment addicts continue to attend 12-step meetings in order to continue the healing process. A 12-step program called Al-Anon is also available to family members of addicts. These meetings are a safe space to share with those who have been through what you are going through, providing you a community in which to learn and grow.

Treating the addict is the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to recovery. However, treating the family of the addict is an important facet of recovery as well, both for the addict and the family unit. There is often significant damage found in the relationships between family members, and if left untreated this damage could lead the addict back to substance abuse. Evolutions Treatment Center counselors are well-versed in dealing with the damaged relationships of the family unit, and are ready to help heal those relationships. Call today to get you and your loved ones the help you need.

Evolutions is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in beautiful South Florida. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment centers around addressing and healing the underlying issues at the root of addiction, rather than merely medicating symptoms away.

Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

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