Treatment For Substance Abuse Recovery in South Florida

Three Perks of a Florida Treatment Center in a Vacation Destination

For years, I took for granted the fact that we live in a place that most people dream about visiting for one week of the year. South Florida is one of the country’s top 10 vacation destinations, yet I never really saw it as anything but home. While most of the nation is freezing through their winters, we are deciding which pair of sunglasses to wear to keep the never-ending flow of sunshine out of our eyes. I feel as if we are truly blessed to have ended up here and I can’t help but feel the pain of the suffering addict or alcoholic that’s living up north in the real winter states. The cold, the cloudy days, and not to mention the layers of clothes! Just imagining going through the struggles of a substance abuse disorder in that climate really got me thinking that South Florida is quite possibly the perfect location to seek drug/alcohol treatment.

Besides the fact that South Florida has been dubbed the unofficial “Recovery Capital” of the country, our home in Fort Lauderdale offers a number of benefits for those seeking help with their alcoholism or drug addiction. Let’s start with the most obvious, the weather:

The Weather

Anyone that understands the process of early recovery from a substance abuse disorder would know that the body has a period of stabilization (often referred to as withdrawals or post-acute withdrawals). Sensitive skin, flashes of hot and cold, nausea, and more are all symptoms that, personally, I wouldn’t want to have to experience in cold/gloomy weather. A cool beach breeze coming off of the Fort Lauderdale coast, sunshine, and flip flops all seem more appropriate to me than having to experience a bitter wind chill during the fragile period of early recovery. Sunshine leads to happiness…Period.

Vitamin D

Speaking of Sunshine, Vitamin D deficiency has been linked in recent years to a number of mental health issues, including depression. Why am I mentioning Vitamin D? Simple, one of the main, and greatest, source of vitamin D is the ultra-violet rays emanating from sunshine! Ever wonder why Seattle has one of the highest suicide rates in the country? Probably doesn’t help that they hardly have any sunny days! To the contrary, South Florida is jam packed with sunny, vitamin D producing days meaning that coming to treatment in sunny Fort Lauderdale has the potential to help you overcome your depression naturally by just being outside here.

The Community

I’m not talking about the neighborhoods of South Florida here. What I mean by “the Community” is the Recovery Community. Since South Florida has become a major recovery destination many years ago, the ambiance of sobriety and serenity float through the air down here. Whether you want to attend your choice of 12-step groups (which are on every corner down here), the emerging SMART recovery groups, meditate on the beach during sunrise, join the ever growing number of health clubs, or get involved in the nutritional health wave that is taking over SoFla…it’s all here for you!

South Florida has really begun to embrace the principles of recovery and assimilate a mind, body, and spirit improvement attitude into our culture. A culture that has slowly become the perfect breeding ground for those who are seeking sobriety.

Seeking Treatment

The important thing in all of this is that you seek help for your drug addiction. Do not let fear keep you from the life you have always wanted. You do not need to fight this disease alone and any and all concerns that you have can be addressed as you move through the process of recovery. So call the professionals at Evolutions Treatment Center today, at 1-866-771-7091. We are standing by to help you finally overcome your addiction.