Vivitrol – A Worthwhile Option?

Medicine has made great strides when it comes to the treatment of addiction. As our

perception of the disease of addiction has evolved, so too have our options for treating this illness. Today, studies show a combination of counseling and therapeutic medications is the most effective course of treatment. One of these medications, Vivitrol, I am able to speak about personally, as it is part of my recovery regimen.

I have been prescribed Vivitrol for over a year now, having started on the pill form of the

active ingredient Naltrexone while in residential treatment. I was advised by my physician that, upon discharge to a halfway house, it would be a good idea to transition to Vivitrol because it is an injection administered monthly rather than a pill taken daily. I agreed, as I had no side effects from Naltrexone and had not been experiencing any cravings for opiates while on the drug.

I must confess I am not at all partial to needles; as a child, I passed out on several occasions when having blood drawn. In spite of this phobia, I find the administration of the injection to be quick and painless. A ten minute doctor’s appointment once a month provides me with a strong shield against the ever-present temptation of opiates. And just as it was with the Naltrexone pill, I have experienced no side effects from the Vivitrol shot.

An addict can never have too many tools at their disposal when it comes to fighting the

disease of addiction. The medications available today are effective elements to be utilized in conjunction with other facets of the recovery process, namely counseling and working an individualized program of recovery. As a recovering addict who has been on Vivitrol for over a year, I emphatically recommend all addicts in early recovery consider enrolling in a treatment program which includes Vivitrol.


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