Volunteering - A Great Way to Get Out of Your Head this Holiday

This year many of us are plagued with negativity and anxiety due to the various conflicts and problems in our society. For those in recovery, this is a particularly dangerous mindset to have, as stress is a major trigger for relapse as well as other destructive behaviors we are prone to. Therefore, it is important for those living in sobriety to be proactive and get out of our heads, restoring our focus on the present moment and the positive aspects of our lives. One great way to accomplish this goal is through volunteer work - helping others in your community during these times of need.

The holidays can be especially difficult for families living in poverty, as they struggle to provide enough food for everyone at the dinner table. Community food banks usually kick into overdrive during this time of year, and can always use an extra pair of hands to help distribute food to those in need. Donating your time to your local food bank is a great way to get out of your head while helping others, and you will likely find this selfless act has actually helped improve your self-esteem and attitude more than time spent in front of the TV or phone screen ever could.

Perhaps your schedule is already filled this holiday season, with no time to spare for such volunteer work. If you are unable to donate your time, you can certainly spare a few dollars for a local charity. Now more than ever charities are in need of donations, as the pandemic has reduced the flow of cash to these organizations whose sole purpose is to help those in need. You will be surprised how good it feels to invest some of your money in a local charity rather than the latest AirPods or other distraction. You may only have five or ten dollars to spare but these funds can make a difference in someone’s life, and you will feel better about yourself having made a charitable contribution to a worthy cause.

Tis the season for gratitude, spirituality, and giving. Today’s society is beset by a myriad of problems and conflicts, causing stress and anxiety to prey on our minds every day. Volunteering your time or making a charitable contribution to a local organization is a great way to step outside of yourself and recapture the true meaning of the season. Recovery is all about giving peace of mind to others just as it was given to you when you entered the rooms of 12-step recovery, and by volunteering your time or money you are exemplifying the principles of the recovery program, and you will reap the rewards of a positive mindset and full heart!