What are the Available Levels of Care?

Substance abuse treatment should be a continuum of care tailored to the individual addict and their needs. Part of the admissions process is to identify where you fall on this spectrum of treatment. Let’s review the various stages of substance abuse treatment available to you so you have a better understanding of what stage in the process you should expect to be your first step.

For those still trapped in active addiction, detox will be a necessary first step. This does not have to be a painful process – Evolutions Treatment Center offers a comfortable, safe environment for you, complete with round-the-clock clinical supervision and medications to ease the discomfort and cravings experienced during detox. Your only focus during this time should be your health and well-being, and our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will see that your needs are met during this difficult transition. Length of detox varies depending on your substance of choice, but you should expect to spend between three and seven days in this first stage of care.

Once the discomfort of withdrawal passes, the next level of care is residential inpatient treatment. This is where the treatment of those underlying emotional and mental issues commences. Clients of Evolutions Treatment Center’s inpatient residential program have access to best-in-class clinicians and therapists as well as a wide variety of holistic treatments. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care for every part of your being – mind, body, and spirit. You can expect to spend anywhere from two to three weeks at this level of care depending on your progress as evaluated by your clinical team.

When you and your clinical team decide you are ready to depart residential treatment, the next level of care for you is Intensive Outpatient. At Evolutions, Intensive Outpatient treatment consists of three hours of care per day, three to six days per week. Your treatment is supervised by a psychiatrist who will meet with you and evaluate your progress on a weekly basis. Group therapy and one-on-one sessions with your counselor are the primary sources of care at this level. For those who have already ceased their substance abuse, but find themselves on unstable ground mentally and emotionally, you may be admitted directly to this IOP program as you do not require the higher levels of care mentioned previously. Based on your progress, expect to spend two to six months in the Intensive Outpatient program at Evolutions.

After spending several months receiving treatment at the Intensive Outpatient level, your therapist will let you know when you are ready to move on to the Outpatient/Aftercare level of treatment. This level of care is designed to provide a safety net of support as you complete your transition back into the world, consisting of weekly group meetings facilitated by staff. You will also continue to have access to your individual therapist on a weekly basis so you may further cement your progress in sobriety. At Evolutions, we have designed our spectrum of care to support you in whatever stage of addiction you find yourself in, addressing every facet of your disease to maximize your chance of sustaining long-term sobriety. Call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 so we may help you determine what level of care would best suit your current needs.

Evolutions is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in beautiful South Florida. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment centers around addressing and healing the underlying issues at the root of addiction, rather than merely medicating symptoms away.

Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

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