What can I Expect from an Intensive Outpatient Program?

As a person new in sobriety, you are learning about the various aspects of addiction treatment as you experience them, which can be intimidating and anxiety inducing as all humans have a fear of the unknown. At Evolutions, we understand the trepidation surrounding the decision to change your life and give sobriety a try. This fear alone is more than many can handle, so we strive to eliminate any other sources of anxiety, including a lack of knowledge as to what addiction treatment consists of. To this end, let us outline what the Intensive Outpatient Program at Evolutions Treatment Center will be like for a client new to recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is a step down in terms of level of care when compared to PHP or residential treatment, and is designed to provide a seamless transition for clients coming from either of these higher levels of care. Enrolling and participating in an IOP program gives you the opportunity to build on the progress you’ve made thus far, while holding you accountable for your progress in recovery and the choices you are making in sobriety. You will be expected to attend all of your IOP sessions, which include one on ones with your counselor as well as group meetings with others in recovery.

IOP is an excellent means to continue making progress in your recovery. For those who have not attended a higher level of care, IOP may be a viable option depending on the particulars of your substance abuse disorder. If you have successfully ceased using substances on your own which, as an aside, is not a recommended course of action, and have immersed yourself in 12-step recovery program, intensive outpatient may be an appropriate level of care for you. If possible, we at Evolutions always recommend completing a course of residential inpatient treatment immediately following a detox from substances.

The various levels of care offered by substance abuse treatment centers can be confusing for a person unfamiliar with the recovery process. At Evolutions, we have created a continuum of care designed to provide the appropriate care and support to addicts in every stage of early recovery. Intensive Outpatient is one component of this continuum designed to follow a course of residential treatment or completion of the partial hospitalization program. Should you feel some additional support would benefit your recovery, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and inquire about enrolling in our IOP program.


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Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

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