What can I Expect from Intensive Outpatient Care?

If this is your first time attending an inpatient treatment facility, you are probably unfamiliar with intensive outpatient treatment and its various components. At this stage in your recovery you should be following the advice of your therapists and doctors, so it is very likely you will be enrolled in IOP before you are discharged from residential treatment. At Evolutions Treatment Center, we strive to bring our holistic approach to treatment to our IOP program the same as we have done with our residential treatment program. Here is what you can expect from IOP as a client of Evolutions.

Your IOP schedule will primarily consist of group therapy facilitated by an Evolutions counselor. These group sessions allow clients to have guided conversations about their struggles in early sobriety. The group’s collective experience and wisdom is often able to provide a solution for whatever issues are being faced in early sobriety, much in the same way senior members of 12-step groups are able to provide solutions and guidance to those new in recovery. Group therapy also encourages stronger connections to form between those participating, establishing a great network of sober supports for you to rely on early in your recovery journey.

In addition to these group meetings, you will also have one-on-one sessions with your therapist at least once weekly. These sessions are designed to advance the progress you made while in residential treatment as well as address any issues that may arise now that you are reintegrating into society. Your therapist has years of experience with addicts in recovery, and can offer valuable advice as you find yourself dealing with unfamiliar situations and previously suppressed emotions. They will hold you accountable for your actions and decisions in sobriety, as well as ensure your continued abstinence from alcohol and other drugs through random drug testing during your time in IOP.

Intensive Outpatient is designed to be a seamless next step after your successful completion of inpatient treatment. You have the opportunity to advance the progress you made with your therapist during your time in residential treatment and to maintain your connections to the friends you’ve made in your recovery journey thus far. If you have not already enrolled in an IOP program, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and secure your sobriety through participation in our IOP program!


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Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

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