What Can I Expect in Detox?

We have all experienced it before – the sudden burst of anxiety as we find ourselves without our substance of choice, knowing if we do not find a way to acquire it, physical pain and mental anguish will soon set in. Having had a taste of the excruciating pain of withdrawal before, many addicts shy away from entering a detox facility out of fear. This is a complete misunderstanding of the medically-assisted detox process. Let’s review how Evolutions Treatment Center handles detox for clients so we may debunk these misconceptions.

Upon arrival at our beautiful residential facility in Miami, our clinical team will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your medical status. From this evaluation a treatment plan will be formulated, taking your physical, mental, and emotional needs into account. You will be monitored round-the-clock throughout your detoxification by our clinical staff, who will do everything in their power to minimize the discomfort experienced due to withdrawal. Medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is made available to those patients who would benefit from medication during this process.

Your comfort is further increased by the quality of our residential treatment facility. Located in the tropical paradise of Miami, our housing unit is designed to feel more like a resort than a clinical environment. Shared and private rooms are available, complete with large flat-screen LED TVs for your entertainment. Common areas include a lounge and game room, providing you ample activities to occupy your time as your body adjusts to its new substance-free condition.

Detox does not have to be a nightmarish experience replete with physical pain and emotional turmoil. In fact, Evolutions Treatment Center has taken every step to make it as painless as possible, providing a combination of experienced staff, medication assistance, and a resort-like atmosphere in order to maximize your chances at successfully completing the treatment process. Our Admissions Counselors are available by phone 24 hours a day for you whenever you are ready to take this first step towards a life free from addiction.


Evolutions is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in beautiful South Florida. Our holistic approach to addiction treatment centers around addressing and healing the underlying issues at the root of addiction, rather than merely medicating symptoms away.

Our treatment program includes individual and group-based therapy to help clients understand and manage their symptoms and emotions.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, alcoholism, or any co-occurring disorders please call us at (833) 818-3031 or visitwww.evolutionstreatment.com