What Damage is Done to the Brain from Party Drugs?

The rise in popularity of EDM music over the past few years has led to a resurgence of party drug usage among teens and young adults. Drugs like Molly, Ketamine, LSD, Ecstasy, GHB, and a whole slew of new synthetic drugs with names like K2, Bath Salts, and Spice, are all making their way around parties and concerts throughout the country.

While many of these drugs have very unassuming names, and they sound like they couldn’t possibly be harmful, the damage that they can cause to a person can be staggering.

For instance, in 2013 at the popular Miami EDM festival Ultra, a 21-year-old died from a Bath Salt overdose. Each year, thousands of people are rushed to the hospital as a result of taking one of the party drugs listed above and to make matters worse, many times these drugs are not “pure,” but rather are mixed with various other substances that have lethal effects. That is always a risk when taking illicit substances, but with party drugs, the cross-mixture of substances seems to be substantially higher.

A person believing that they are only taking ecstasy may be shocked to find out that there is methamphetamine, LSD or something else that is equally as harmful in their drug. Not knowing what it is that they are taking means that a person taking a party drug runs the risk of having unintended side effects that could prove to be very harmful.

Besides this, though, just taking party drugs can prove to be damaging to the body, in particular, the brain. So rather than get your information from anecdotal sources, let’s take a look at the damage that these drugs can have on a person.

How Party Drugs Damage the Brain

Almost any person who is familiar with the drug ecstasy has heard that it can cause you to have holes in your brain. The popular saying is that it turns your brain into Swiss cheese and this is partly true. Ecstasy destroys Nigral cells in the brain. These cells are what produce dopamine in the brain and also what give it its grayish color. So when they are destroyed, the grayish part of the brain starts to be destroyed with it.

Nigral cells are also linked to Parkinson’s disease and since they do not regenerate when enough of them are destroyed, a person develops Parkinson’s, which is possible if Ecstasy is taken for an extended period of time.

Besides this, Ecstasy has been linked to seizures in people and have caused a great many users to overheat to the point where they need to be hospitalized in order to bring their body temperature down.

LSD is another drug that can cause permanent damage to the brain, although people to this day still argue this fact. LSD works by altering the serotonin receptors in the brain and the more that it is used, the more that is needed in order to produce the desired result. If this is done for a long enough period of time, the way that a person perceives various things that are affected by serotonin can unalterably change, causing them to never experience their lives in the same way again.

Ketamine, which is mostly used to tranquilize animals, is another drug that is often used in the party scene. Not much is truly known about the way that it affects people in the long term, but since it has such a mind altering effect on the individual, it is believed that over time, it can cause serious brain damage because of just how much it disrupts the brain’s normal functioning.

The newer synthetic drugs seem to be causing more damage to people than initially expected and there has been a tremendous amount of publicity as a result of the erratic behavior displayed by people under their influence. People under the influence of drugs such as Flakka or Bath Salts have shown to display zombie-like behavior, where they are completely disassociated from reality and attack people around them. These drugs are often times synthesized in illegal laboratories and as a result, there is no real oversight and standards to follow and so a person taking these drugs can never really be sure what they are ingesting. The drugs have not been around for long enough to study the long-term effects, but if the short term effects on the mind are any indication, then serious brain damage is more than likely to occur from extended usage.

Whenever a person takes an illegal or legal drug, there are risks involved because they are introducing a substance into their body that would not naturally be there. These drugs affect the dopamine or serotonin levels in the body and alter a person’s perception of reality. While knowing this information is usually not enough to deter someone from trying drugs, it is important for people to understand the risks involved. It is also important to understand that many of these substances have addictive properties, which are made all the more dangerous if there is a history of substance abuse with the individual or in their family.

Many people have started taking drugs in order to “improve” their fun at a party only to find that a few months or years down the road, they were hopelessly addicted to drugs and their lives were in shambles.  If this is the case, then it is important that you seek out professional help for your addiction so that you can break free from the clutches of substance abuse.

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