What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

As a person new to sobriety, there are likely a lot of terms being spoken of which you are unfamiliar with. One such term germane to addiction treatment vernacular is PHP, which stands for partial hospitalization program. Partial hospitalization programs are designed to provide a middle ground between an intensive outpatient program and a residential treatment program. A partial hospitalization program could be a viable option for you if you are feeling unstable in your recovery but are unable to extend your stay in residential treatment, or if you are looking to receive the maximum amount of care available while still residing at home. Let’s look at what PHP at Evolutions Treatment Center entails.

While you will not be living on campus while participating in our partial hospitalization program, you will still be spending a great deal of time receiving treatment at a minimum of five days per week. It is helpful to look at PHP like a full-time job; this is an apt comparison in terms of the required investment of time and effort on your part. You will be participating in your prescribed treatment program for up to eight hours each day, including one on one sessions with your therapist, group counseling with other clients, and holistic therapies designed to provide a restoration of health and well-being in your life. While PHP is a less intense level of care than residential treatment, it provides the maximum amount of substance abuse treatment without your committing to live on campus.

For those coming from residential treatment, PHP at Evolutions will be a very familiar experience for you. Our partial hospitalization program will provide you with continued access to all the treatments and therapies you were participating in during your stay at residential treatment, while allowing you to transition back to your home or to a sober living facility. You will be expected to maintain the same dedication to your recovery program which you exhibited during residential treatment as you continue to grow in your recovery with the help of your clinical team.

Partial Hospitalization Programs are designed to bridge the gap between residential inpatient treatment and less intense levels of care. Such a program may be a perfect fit for you if you feel you would benefit from continuing the progress you’ve made in residential treatment with the same intensity of work, or if you would like to avail yourself of many of the benefits of residential treatment while continuing to live at home. If you feel PHP is right for you, call our Admissions Counselors at 833-818-3031 and let us guide you through the admissions process so you may get to work on your recovery as soon as possible!


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