What is Al-Anon?

Al-Anon is a 12-step support group for those who have been affected by their loved one’s addiction. It is a way for family and friends of the addicted person to improve their own mental and emotional well-being regardless of the addict’s choosing to get help or to continue abusing substances. Al-Anon provides a supportive community as well as guidance on how to handle your relationship with the addict in a healthy, positive way.

Al-Anon sprung from the original Alcoholics Anonymous meetings of the 1930’s. Originally, the families of the alcoholics would attend AA alongside the alcoholic. However, this proved to be an untenable situation as it inhibited the alcoholic’s comfort when it came to sharing in the meetings and the families of the alcoholic found it difficult to relate to the message being shared. Thus, the families began their own meetings in the next room over!


Al-Anon has been a lifesaving resource for the families of alcoholics for decades. Much like the alcoholic before AA, family members were driven to their wits end and had no one to turn to who truly understood the pain and suffering they were experiencing. At Evolutions, we understand there is damage to the family unit that must be repaired in addition to the treatment of the addict themselves. Family therapy is one of the facets of our treatment program for clients, and we encourage all family members to attend Al-Anon meetings to further aid them in healing the family unit and stabilizing their loved one’s sobriety.