What is Expected of me in Detox?

If this is your first time attempting sobriety, you will be completely unfamiliar with the process of medically-assisted detox. This may be a frightening period in your life, as you have likely suffered greatly at the hands of your addiction and are now faced with the prospect of dealing with life on life’s terms without the crutch your substance of choice has become. Medically-assisted detox is here to help you transition from daily substance abuse to abstinence from substances in a safe, comfortable manner. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect your experience in detox to look like.

At Evolutions Treatment Center detox facility, your day to day responsibilities will be kept to an absolute minimum. We understand that detox can be a very uncomfortable and stressful experience, and in light of this reality we strive to create an environment which is as conducive to comfort and serenity as possible. As part of this attempt to ease the transition from active substance abuse to abstinence, your basic needs and desires will be handled by our courteous, compassionate staff during your stay in detox. If you are feeling capable of participating in recovery based activities, they will certainly be available to you, but your participation is not required while you reside in our detox facility.

As for what you can expect to be occupying your time with during your stay at detox, at Evolutions we have a variety of recreational activities available to provide you some distraction from any discomfort or anxiety you experience during your detox process. There are flat-screen TVs throughout the facility including one in your bedroom, a game room complete with video, board, and table games, as well as staff-led recovery meetings should you feel capable of attending. You will be under constant supervision to ensure your detox is safe and as comfortable as possible, with regular vital checks and medication calibration during the entirety of your time in detox.

At Evolutions Treatment Center, the goal of our Detox level of care is to keep you medically stable as we help get you through the discomfort of withdrawal so you can move on to the next phase of treatment. Your only focus during your time in detox should be your recovery, as you listen to your body and report any symptoms to our seasoned clinical team so we may ensure your safety and comfort during your transition from substance abuse to abstinence. If you have had enough of the vicious cycle of addiction and are looking to achieve sobriety, call our Admissions Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you on your road to recovery!


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