What is the Point of Working the Steps?

After successfully completing residential inpatient treatment, securing housing in a sober living facility, and actively engaging in a 12-step recovery community, you may be wondering if it is really necessary to work with a sponsor through the 12 steps laid out in these self-help groups. You’re enjoying life again, feel secure in your sobriety, and are surrounded by supportive individuals who care about your success. Why is it so important to work through the 12 steps of AA or NA?

We usually develop substance abuse disorders as a means to cope with mental or emotional issues in our lives. Simply ending our daily use of alcohol and drugs does nothing to solve these underlying issues which led us to addiction in the first place. This is where the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous come into play. The process is designed to allow you to unburden yourself of any guilt, shame, and negativity brought on by the painful and traumatic events in your past. Trusting another individual with full disclosure of your past misdeeds as wel