What Makes Detoxing from Alcohol so Dangerous?

Alcohol withdrawal is a harrowing ordeal, one of the few detox processes that may actually be life-threatening depending on your level of physical dependence. To many, this fatality potential is counterintuitive, as alcohol is the most readily available intoxicant, enjoying a nationwide legal status and active purveyance in convenience stores, gas stations, and liquor stores across the country. Why is alcohol withdrawal such a dangerous ordeal, and what can an alcoholic attempting sobriety do to mitigate this risk?

Over time, regular use and abuse of alcohol causes chemical alterations in the body, as our system attempts to compensate for the constant levels of alcohol in our bloodstream. This substantial adjustment in our neurochemical levels and bodily systems means that when we suddenly stop our intake of alcohol, our brain and body are thrown into a state of shock. For years, we had been regular intaking a strong depressant which had slowed our nervous system responses, and this abrupt cessation of alcohol intake causes a sudden uptick in neural activity, which can lead to seizures and death. This is the primary reason alcohol withdrawal is so dangerous, as it shares this effect with benzodiazepines when it comes to our neural activity.

If alcohol withdrawal poses such a potential for death, how can an alcoholic seeking sobriety mitigate this risk? The best way to achieve a safe, effective detox is through admittance to a medical facility which offers detox services. These facilities provide constant monitoring of your vitals in order to ensure you remain physically stable, as well as medication assistance to ease any uncomfortability experienced during withdrawal. Most of these centers are part of a broader program for substance abuse treatment, offering a seamless transition from detox to residential treatment, a path you should strongly consider if you are serious about your recovery.

Detoxing from alcohol is no easy task, and it can be life-threatening to those who have abused alcohol in great quantities for an extended period of time. This risk should not be discounted by anyone who is suffering from alcoholism, and if you are seeking sobriety you should look to enroll in a medical detox and residential treatment facility. At Evolutions, we offer a safe, luxurious, and comfortable environment in both our detox and residential treatment facilities, enabling you to focus on your recovery free from the concerns of the outside world. If you are looking to make a change in your life and attempt recovery, call our Admission Counselors today at 833-818-3031 and let us help you make this transition safely and comfortably!